Accommodation at Foxgloves Boarding Cattery

At Foxgloves Boarding Cattery, we offer excellent accommodation and individual care in a friendly, family atmosphere.

We have two sizes of enclosure available. The regular enclosures have a sleeping area of approximately 1 metre x 1.8 metres and a run of 1 metre x 2.5 metres, whilst the extra large enclosures offer two sleeping areas of approximately 1 metre x 1.2 metres and a run of 2 metres x 2 metres.  

All of our accommodation features:

  • A separate sleeping area which is closed off in the evening to keep your cat snuggly
  • Thermostatically controlled heaters to ensure your cat stays warm even on the coldest nights
  • Runs that are open-fronted so your cat can get fresh air and sunshine for part of the day
  • All cats receive individual attention several times a day
  • We are more than happy to brush your cat for you if you let us know they like it
  • All bedding, blankets and toys are provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own to make your cat feel comfortable - we do advise that you bring something that smells of home (and yes, dressing gowns and jumpers are allowed!)
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